The Reckless Moment

Release Date:
Oct 17, 1949
Running Time:
Max Ophüls
James Mason Martin Donnelly
Joan Bennett Lucia Harper
Geraldine Brooks Bea Harper
Henry O'Neill Tom Harper
Shepperd Strudwick Ted Darby
David Bair David Harper
Roy Roberts Nagel
Frances E. Williams Sybil
Paul E. Burns Desk Clerk
Danny Jackson Drummer
Claire Carleton Blond
Billy Snyder Gambler
Peter Brocco Bartender
Ann Shoemaker Mrs. Feller
Virginia Hunter Girl
Walter Wanger
Mel Dinelli, Henry Garson, Elisabeth Sanxay Holding, Robert E. Kent, Robert W. Soderberg

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The Reckless Moment

While fighting with girlfriend Bea Harper, Ted Darby takes a spill that leads to his death. Desperate to keep her daughter out of jail, Bea's mother, Lucia, disposes of the body. Meanwhile, Lucia's suspicions that Ted had sleazy friends are confirmed when gangster Martin Donnelly materializes with the intention of extorting cash from the Darbys. Yet when Martin and Lucia grow increasingly close, the scheme starts to splinter.

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