La jungla en armas

Release Date:
Sep 15, 1939
Running Time:
Henry Hathaway
Gary Cooper Dr. Bill Canavan
Andrea Leeds Linda Hartley
David Niven Lt. Terence McCool
Reginald Owen Capt. Steve Hartley
Broderick Crawford Lt. Larson
Kay Johnson Mabel Manning
Charles Waldron Padre Rafael
Russell Hicks Capt. George Manning
Roy Gordon Col. Hatch
Vladimir Sokoloff Datu
Rudy Robles Lt. Yabo
Henry Kolker The General
Tetsu Komai Alipang
Elmo Lincoln U.S. Captain
Soledad Jimenez Old Native Woman
Samuel Goldwyn , Robert Riskin
Robert Presnell Sr., Jo Swerling

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La jungla en armas

In 1906, Col. Hatch is stationed in the Philippines and ordered to withdraw his forces from the island of Mindanao. Worried that an insurgent army headed by the ruthless Alipang will slaughter Filipinos and seize power, Hatch recruits a group of tested military officers -- including Bill Canavan, a military doctor, and McCool and Larson, two rambunctious Lieutenants -- to train the locals.

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