The Real Cancun

Release Date:
Apr 25, 2003
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Rick de Oliveira
Benjamin ``Fletch'' Fletcher Himself
Roxanne Frilot Herself
Nicole Frilot Herself
Brittany Brown-Hart Herself
David Ingber Himself
Jeremy Jazwinski Himself
Amber Madison Herself
Paul Malbry Himself
Marquita ``Sky'' Marshall Herself
Laura Ramsey Herself
Matthew Slenske Himself
Alan Taylor Himself
Heidi Vance Herself
Jorell Washington Himself
Casey Weeks Himself
Sarah Wilkins Herself
Chris Desanti Himself
Jason Karlinski Himself
A.J. Dix , Anthony Rhulen , William Shively , Mary-Ellis Bunim , Jonathan Murray , Richard Brener , Toby Emmerich , Jamie Schutz , Rick de Oliveira
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The Real Cancun

The annual debauchery of college students during spring break is examined in this documentary, which focuses on 16 young Americans as they travel to Cancun, Mexico, where they indulge in voluminous consumption of sex and booze. Over the course of 11 days, the students -- including such archetypes as a ladies' man, a party girl and a virgin -- are followed by cameras as they drink profusely and attempt to hook up with as many members of the opposite sex as circumstances allow.

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