The Phantom of the Opera

Release Date:
Aug 27, 1943
Running Time:
Arthur Lubin
Claude Rains Enrique Claudin
Nelson Eddy Anatole Garron
Susanna Foster Christine Dubois
Edgar Barrier Raoul D'Aubert
Jane Farrar Biancarolli
Barbara Everest The Aunt
Steven Geray Vereheres
Frank Puglia Villeneuve
Hans Herbert Marcel
Fritz Feld Lecours
J. Edward Bromberg Amiot
Hume Cronyn Gerard
Gladys Blake Jeanne
Elvira Curci Biancarolli's maid
Fritz Leiber Franz Liszt
George Waggner
Samuel Hoffenstein, Eric Taylor

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The Phantom of the Opera

Talented Christine is unaware that her singing lessons are being funded by a secret admirer, Enrique, a mysterious violinist with a disfigured face. Christine's colleagues become suspicious when mysterious accidents start occurring at the Paris Opera House, as the deaths coincide with her meteoric rise to stardom. Christine's suitors, Raoul and Anatole, brave the dark recesses of the opera house to find the true culprit.

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