The People vs. Larry Flynt

Release Date:
Oct 13, 1996
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Milos Forman
Woody Harrelson Larry Flynt
Courtney Love Althea Leasure
Edward Norton Alan Isaacman
James Cromwell Charles Keating
Crispin Glover Arlo
James Carville Simon Leis
Brett Harrelson Jimmy Flynt
Donna Hanover Ruth Carter Stapleton
Norm Macdonald Network Reporter
Vincent Schiavelli Chester
Miles Chapin Miles
Richard Paul Jerry Falwell
D'Army Bailey Judge Thomas Alva Mantke - L.A. Court
Burt Neuborne Roy Grutman
Jan Tríska The Assassin
Cody Block 10-Year-Old Larry
Ryan Post 8-Year-Old Jimmy
Robert Davis Old Hillbilly
Kacky Walton Young Ma Flynt
John St. Ryan Young Pa Flynt
Kathleen Kane 1st Stripper
Greg Roberson Disc Jockey
Jim Peck Old Printer
Mike Pniewski Trucker
Tim Parati Staffer
Rick Rogers Staffer
Dan Lenzini Staffer
David Compton Staffer
Gary Lowery Staffer
Stephen Dupree Stills Photographer
Jack Shea Reporter
Michael Hausman , Oliver Stone , Janet Yang
Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski

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The People vs. Larry Flynt

Pursued by opponents who say his ''Hustler'' magazine breaks decency laws, pornographer Larry Flynt hires lawyer Alan Isaacman to help fight his legal battles. A zealot shoots the men near a Georgia courthouse, and though Flynt discovers he'll never walk again, his fighting spirit -- like his love for stripper Althea Leasure -- stays strong. Ultimately, the unlikely free speech warrior takes his biggest case to a showdown at the Supreme Court.

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