The Pearl of Death

Sherlock Holmes and the Pearl of Death
Release Date:
Aug 1, 1944
Running Time:
Roy William Neill
Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes
Nigel Bruce Doctor Watson
Evelyn Ankers Naomi Drake
Dennis Hoey Inspector Lestrade
Miles Mander Giles Conover
Ian Wolfe Amos Hodder
Charles Francis Digby
Richard Nugent Bates
Mary Gordon Mrs. Hudson
Rondo Hatton The Creeper
Leslie Denison Police Sergeant Murdock
Harry Cording George Gelder
Audrey Manners Body of Teacher
Roy William Neill

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The Pearl of Death

A jewel is missing from a museum, and Sherlock Holmes tries to find the thief as bodies pile up across the city. Holmes is sure that the crime is the work of Giles Conover, and the recent string of murders suggests that the criminal, having stashed the pearl alongside the belongings of an unsuspecting Londonite, has ordered a henchman to find it. With Dr. Watson at his side, Holmes finds himself in mortal danger as he closes in on his man.

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