The Patchwork Girl of Oz

Release Date:
Aug 6, 1914
Running Time:
J. Farrell MacDonald


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Violet MacMillan Ojo, a Munchkin Boy
Frank Moore Unc Nunkie
Raymond Russell Dr. Pipt, the Crooked Magician
Haras Dranet Margolotte, his wife, who makes the Patchwork Girl
Bobbie Gould Jesseva, his daughter, betrothed to Danx
Marie Wayne Jinjur, a Maid in the Emerald City
Dick Rosson Danx, a Noble Munchkin
Frank Bristol The Soldier with the Green Whiskers (Omby Amby)
Ben Deeley Rozyn, the Village Fiddler
Fred Woodward The Woozy, a Quaintness/The Zoop, A Mystery/Mewel, who is Everybody's Friend
Todd Wright The Wizard of Oz
Herbert Glennon The Scarecrow
Al Roach The Cowardly Lion/Tottenhot
Andy Anderson The Hungry Tiger
Jessie May Walsh Ozma of Oz, the Ruler of the Emerald City