La Fiesta Inolvidable

Release Date:
Apr 4, 1968
Running Time:
Blake Edwards
Peter Sellers Hrundi V. Bakshi
Claudine Longet Michele Monet
Marge Champion Rosalind Dunphy
Gavin MacLeod Charlie S. Divot
Sharron Kimberly Princess Helena
Denny Miller ``Wyoming Bill'' Kelso
Buddy Lester Davey Kane
Corinne Cole Janice Kane
J. Edward McKinley Fred Clutterbuck
Fay McKenzie Alice Clutterbuck
Carol Wayne June Warren
Tom Quine Congressman Dunphy
Timothy Scott Gore Pontoon
Al Checco Bernard Stein
Steve Franken Levinson
Blake Edwards
Blake Edwards, Tom Waldman, Frank Waldman

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La Fiesta Inolvidable

While trying to tie his shoe, bumbling extra Hrundi V. Bakshi unwittingly triggers explosives that destroy the set of an epic war film. The furious director tells executive Fred Clutterbuck to fire him. Because of a misunderstanding, Bakshi instead mistakenly receives an invitation to an exclusive party at Clutterbuck's Hollywood mansion, where he proceeds to wreak havoc on partygoers as he stumbles through what will become the wildest night he's ever seen.

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