La chasse au diplôme

Release Date:
Oct 16, 1973
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
James Bridges
Timothy Bottoms James T. Hart
John Houseman Charles W. Kingsfield Jr.
Lindsay Wagner Susan Fields
Graham Beckel Franklin Ford III
Edward Herrmann Thomas Craig Anderson
Bob Lydiard O'Connor
Craig Richard Nelson Willis Bell
James Naughton Kevin Brooks
Regina Baff Asheley Brooks
David Clennon Toombs
Lenny Baker William Moss
Robert C. Thompson , Roderick Paul

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La chasse au diplôme

As a first-year law student at Harvard, James Hart knows he's got his work cut out for him. But things get harder than he anticipated when he runs afoul of the school's dreaded contracts professor, Charles W. Kingsfield Jr. . Wry and imposing, Kingsfield drives many of the lesser students to drop out, but James endures and, as if begging for more trouble, begins dating the professor's daughter, Susan .

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