The Paleface

Release Date:
Dec 24, 1948
Running Time:
Norman Z. McLeod
Bob Hope ``Painless'' Peter Potter
Jane Russell Calamity Jane
Robert Armstrong Terris
Iris Adrian Pepper
Robert Watson Toby Preston
Jackie Searl Jasper Martin
Joseph Vitale Indian Scout
Charles Trowbridge Gov. Johnson
Clem Bevans Hank Billings
Jeff York Big Joe
Stanley Andrews Commissioner Emerson
Wade Crosby Jeb
Chief Yowlachie Chief Yellow Feather
Iron Eyes Cody Chief Iron Eyes
John Maxwell Village gossip
Tom Kennedy Bartender
Henry Brandon Wapato (medicine man)
Robert L. Welch
Edmund L. Hartmann, Frank Tashlin

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The Paleface

Calamity Jane is working undercover for the U.S. government, trying to capture a gunrunner named Terris in exchange for a pardon for her previous misdoings. But when Jane's partner is killed, she takes up with bumbling dentist ''Painless'' Peter Potter and passes him off as a gifted gunslinger. When Jane is captured by a tribe of Native Americans, however, Potter finds that he actually has to play the hero that Jane has painted him to be.

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