The Onion Field

Release Date:
Sep 7, 1979
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Harold Becker
John Savage Det. Karl Francis Hettinger
James Woods Gregory Ulas Powell
Franklyn Seales Jimmy Lee ''Youngblood'' Smith
Ted Danson Det. Ian James Campbell
Ronny Cox Det. Sgt. Pierce R. Brooks
David Huffman Dist. Atty. Phil Halpin
Christopher Lloyd Jailhouse lawyer
Diane Hull Helen Hettinger
Priscilla Pointer Chrissie Campbell
Beege Barkett Greg's woman
Richard Herd Beat Cop
Le Tari Emmanuel McFadden
Richard Venture Det. Glenn Bates
Lee Weaver Billy
Phillip R. Allen Dist. Atty. Marshall Shulman (uncredited)
Pat Corley Jimmy's Lawyer 2
K Callan Mrs. Powell
Sandy McPeak Mr. Powell
Michael Pataki Dist. Atty. Dino Fulgoni
Walter Coblenz

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The Onion Field

Charismatic psychopath Greg Powell teams up with Jimmy Youngblood, a petty thief. Driving in Los Angeles in 1963, they are pulled over by Detective Hettinger and his partner, Campbell, for an illegal U-turn. Panicked, Powell kidnaps the officers and kills Campbell. Hettinger escapes, and his description of the men leads to their arrest. As both men evade prosecution with legal tricks, Hettinger is racked with guilt over his survival.

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