The Old Man and the Sea

Release Date:
Oct 11, 1958
Running Time:
John Sturges
Spencer Tracy The Old Man
Felipe Pazos The Boy
Harry Bellaver Martin
Donald Diamond Cafe Proprietor
Don Blackman Hand Wrestler
Joey Ray Gambler
Richard Alameda Gambler
Tony Rosa Gambler
Carlos Rivera Gambler
Robert Alderette Gambler
Mauritz Hugo Gambler
Leland Hayward

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The Old Man and the Sea

An old Cuban fisherman has not caught anything in 84 days. Despite the devotion of the young boy who brings him coffee and food, the fisherman fears he has become perpetually unlucky. On his 85th day of fishing, the old man catches a small fish and decides to keep fishing. When one of his multiple fishing lines hooks a large marlin, he decides to not return to shore until he reels in the fish. For two days and nights, the man sits alone, waiting to redeem himself.

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