The Objective

Release Date:
Feb 4, 2009
Running Time:
Horror,Science Fiction,Thriller,War
Daniel Myrick
Jonas Ball Ben Keynes
Jon Huertas Vincent Degetau
Matthew R. Anderson Wally
Jacqueline Harris Matilde Seymour
Sam Hunter Tim Cole
Vanessa Johansson Stacy Keynes
Chems-Eddine Zinoune Abdul
Steffen Aumueller , Claus Clausen , Zev Guber , Jeremy Wall
Daniel Myrick, Mark A. Patton, Wesley Clark Jr.
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The Objective

Ben Keynes is a CIA agent who is monitoring the Middle East region following the September 11th attacks. After seeing satellite readings in Afghanistan that seem to reveal radioactive material, he assumes terrorists are planning to construct a nuclear bomb. Keynes leads a reconnaissance mission into the area along with local guide Abdul . Abdul warns that they are venturing into sacred territory. When the soldiers ignore him, the consequences are dire.

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