The Neon Bible

Release Date:
Mar 1, 1995
Running Time:
Terence Davies
Gena Rowlands Aunt Mae
Jacob Tierney David, aged 15
Diana Scarwid Sarah
Drake Bell David, aged 10
Denis Leary Frank
Leo Burmester Bobbie Lee Taylor
Frances Conroy Miss Scover
Peter McRobbie Reverend Watkins
Joan Glover Flora
Dana Dick Jo Lynne
Virgil Graham Hopkins Mr. Williams
Nik Powell , Stephen Woolley , Olivia Stewart , Elizabeth Karlsen
Terence Davies, John Kennedy Toole

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The Neon Bible

In 1940s Georgia, teenager David boards a train and escapes the destitute town in which he was raised. During the ride, he ponders his lonely upbringing. As a sensitive young boy, David was bullied by his father, Frank, and rejected by his peers. Things got worse for the impoverished family when mother Sarah had a mental breakdown. But a ray of hope appeared in the form of David's eccentric aunt, Mae, who bonded with the misfit boy.

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