The Naked City

Release Date:
Mar 4, 1948
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Jules Dassin
Barry Fitzgerald Det. Lt. Dan Muldoon
Howard Duff Frank Niles
Dorothy Hart Ruth Morrison
Don Taylor Det. Jimmy Halloran
Frank Conroy Captain Donahue
Ted de Corsia Garzah
House Jameson Dr. Stoneman
Anne Sargent Mrs. Halloran
Mark Hellinger
Albert Maltz, Malvin Wald

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The Naked City

After a former model is drowned in her bathtub, Detective James Halloran (Don Taylor) and Lieutenant Dan Muldoon attempt to piece together her murder. A friend of the victim mentions ''Mr. Henderson,'' and the police also find the actions of Frank Niles peculiar. As Muldoon and Halloran start to fill in the details of the victim's past, they find that she had a lively social life, filled with many suitors, and the mystery becomes even more complex.

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