The Naked and the Dead

Release Date:
Aug 6, 1958
Running Time:
Raoul Walsh
Aldo Ray Sgt. Sam Croft
Cliff Robertson Lt. Robert Hearn
Raymond Massey Gen. Cummings
Lili St. Cyr Willa Mae aka Lily
William Campbell Brown
Barbara Nichols Mildred Croft
Richard Jaeckel Gallagher
James Best Rhidges
Joey Bishop Roth
Jerry Paris Goldstein
Robert Gist Red
L.Q. Jones Woodrow ''Woody'' Wilson
Casey Adams Col. Dalleson
John Berardino Capt. Mantelli
Edward McNally Cohn
Greg Roman Minetta
Henry Amargo Sgt. Julio Martinez (uncredited)
Paul Gregory
Denis Sanders, Terry Sanders

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The Naked and the Dead

While stationed at a U.S. Army base on an island in the Pacific, idealistic Lieutenant Hearn has the nerve to question the morality of his mentor, grizzled veteran General Cummings . As a consequence, Hearn is reassigned to lead a squad of soldiers on a dangerous mission -- much to the dismay of the previous squad leader, cynical warmonger Sergeant Croft . As the squad nears its goal, the relationship between Hearn and Croft rapidly deteriorates.

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