The Mating Season

Release Date:
Jan 12, 1951
Running Time:
Mitchell Leisen
Gene Tierney Maggie Carleton
John Lund Val McNulty
Thelma Ritter Ellen McNulty
Miriam Hopkins Fran Carleton
Jan Sterling Betsy
Larry Keating Mr. Kalinger, Sr.
James Lorimer George C. Kalinger, Jr.
Gladys Hurlbut Mrs. Conger
Cora Witherspoon Mrs. Williamson
Malcolm Keen Mr. Williamson
Ellen Corby Annie
Billie Bird Mugsy
Samuel Colt Colonel Conger
Stapleton Kent Dr. Chorley
Robert Kortman Janitor
Charles Brackett

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The Mating Season

After working-class mother Ellen McNulty runs into financial troubles, she takes a trip to see her son, Val, who is now married to the sophisticated Maggie Carleton . Never having met her mother-in-law, Maggie mistakes her Ellen for the newly hired help. Ellen, believing that her son is ashamed of his modest background, pretends that she is indeed a housekeeper. The misunderstandings multiply as she tries to keep her real identity hidden from Maggie.

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