The Man Without a World

Release Date:
Feb 16, 1992
Running Time:
Eleanor Antin
Christine Berry Rukheleh
Anna Henriques Sooreleh
Pier Marton Zevi
George Leonard Zionist
Don Sommese Socialist / Gravedigger
Marcia Goodman Rukheleh's Mother
Sergun A. Tont
Luyba Talpalatsky
Bennet Berger
Ellen Zweig
Eleanor Antin Gypsy dancer
James Scott Kerwin
Nicolai Lennox
Sebato Fiorella
Eleanor Antin

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The Man Without a World

This unusual silent drama by director Eleanor Antin is supposedly a rediscovered ''lost'' film. In the tale, Zevi is a Yiddish poet who falls for Rukheleh, the pretty daughter of a merchant living in a Jewish shtetl. While the poor writer wants to marry Rukheleh after getting her pregnant, her parents won't allow it, making for plenty of conflict. Meanwhile, Zevi's troubled sister, Sooreleh, contends with her own misfortune.

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