The Man With the Golden Arm

Release Date:
Dec 14, 1955
Running Time:
Otto Preminger
Frank Sinatra Frankie Machine
Eleanor Parker Zosch Machine
Kim Novak Molly
Arnold Stang Sparrow
Darren McGavin Louie
Robert Strauss Schwiefka
George Mathews Williams
John Conte Drunky
Doro Merande Vi
George E. Stone Sam Markette
Emile Meyer Detective Bednar
Shorty Rogers Himself (uncredited)
Shelly Manne Himself (uncredited)
Leonid Kinskey Dominiwski
Frank Richards Blind Barfly (uncredited)
Ralph Neff Chester (uncredited)
Ernest Raboff Bird-Dog (uncredited)
Martha Wentworth Vangie (uncredited)
Jerry Barclay Junkie in Lock-up (uncredited)
Leonard Bremen Taxi Driver in Lock-up (uncredited)
Paul E. Burns Suspenders (uncredited)
Charles Seel Proprietor (uncredited)
Will Wright Harry Lane (uncredited)
Tommy Hart Police Officer Kvorka (uncredited)
Frank Marlowe Antek (uncredited)
Joe McTurk Meter Reader (uncredited)
Otto Preminger
Nelson Algren, Walter Newman, Lewis Meltzer, Ben Hecht

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The Man With the Golden Arm

When illegal card dealer and recovering heroin addict Frankie Machine gets out of prison, he decides to straighten up. Armed with nothing but an old drum set, Frankie tries to get honest work as a drummer. But when his former employer, small-time con man Schwiefka, and Frankie's old drug dealer, Louis, re-enter his life, Frankie finds it hard to stay clean and eventually finds himself succumbing to his old habits.

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