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El Hombre Que Demandó a Dios

Release Date:
Oct 25, 2001
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Mark Joffe
Billy Connolly Steve Myers
Judy Davis Anna Redmond
Colin Friels David Myers
Bille Brown Gerry Ryan
Wendy Hughes Jules Myers
Blair Venn Les
Emily Browning Rebecca Myers
Vincent Ball Cardinal
Frank Whitten Primate
Peter Whitford Moderator
Linal Haft Rabbi
John Howard Edward Piggott
Tim Robertson Judge Bonaface
Ritchie Singer Sam Cohen
Steve Jacobs Hal
Josephine Byrnes Cressida Roache
Ben Gannon

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El Hombre Que Demandó a Dios

After lawyer Steve Myers abandons his career, he buys a boat and pursues a quiet life as a fisherman. His plans are obstructed when a bolt of lightning destroys his vessel, and his insurance company tells him he isn't covered because the incident was an ''act of God.'' Teaming up with Anne, a journalist who's sympathetic to his plight, Steve sues God, who is represented in court by religious leaders. The defendants must give evidence of God's existence or pay.

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