Invitación al Amor

Release Date:
Jan 1, 1941
Running Time:
William Keighley
Monty Woolley Sheridan Whiteside
Bette Davis Maggie Cutler
Ann Sheridan Lorraine Sheldon
Richard Travis Bertram H. 'Bert' Jefferson
Jimmy Durante Banjo
Billie Burke Daisy Stanley
Reginald Gardiner Beverly Carlton
Elisabeth Fraser June Stanley
Grant Mitchell Ernest W. Stanley
George Barbier Dr. E. Bradley
Mary Wickes Nurse Preen
Laura Hope Crews Fan (uncredited)
Hal B. Wallis , Jerry Wald , Jack L. Warner
Julius J. Epstein, Philip G. Epstein, Moss Hart, George S. Kaufman

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Invitación al Amor

While on a speaking tour in Ohio, opinionated and arrogant radio personality Sheridan Whiteside injures himself slipping on ice and becomes an unexpected houseguest for a prominent area family, the Stanleys. Whiteside proceeds to make brash proclamations and offer his unsolicited advice to the family members. When a romance begins between Whiteside's assistant, Maggie Cutler, and a local reporter, Bert Jefferson, he interferes with that as well.

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