The Man of the Year

Release Date:
Apr 11, 2003
Running Time:
Comedy,Crime Drama
José Henrique Fonseca
Murilo Benício Máiquel
Cláudia Abreu Cledir
Natália Lage Érica
Jorge Dória Dr. Carvalho
José Wilker Sílvio
Agildo Ribeiro Zilmar
Perfeito Fortuna Robinson
André Gonçalves Galego
Amir Haddad Gonzaga
Paulo Moska Enoque
André Barros Marlênio
Marilu Bueno Cledir's Mother
Vic Militello Tia Laura
Carlo Mossy Delegado Santana
Wagner Moura Suel
Paulo César Peréio Seu Humberto
Lázaro Ramos Marcão
Mariana Ximenes Gabriela
José Henrique Fonseca , Leonardo M. DeBarros , Flávio R. Tambellini
Rubem Fonseca, Patrícia Melo

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The Man of the Year

In the slums of Brazil, timid Máiquel must endure the shame of bleaching his hair after a pal defeats him in a wager. Upon getting the dreaded makeover, he suddenly feels unusually self-assured and so invites Cledir, a hairstylist he just met, to have a drink. They run into trouble in the form of a thug, but Máiquel unexpectedly guns him down. Strangely, he is praised for the crime, and despite his objections, he finds himself thrust into the role of vigilante.

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