The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit

Release Date:
May 8, 1956
Running Time:
Nunnally Johnson
Gregory Peck Tom Rath
Jennifer Jones Betsy Rath
Fredric March Ralph Hopkins
Marisa Pavan Maria Montagne
Ann Harding Helen Hopkins
Lee J. Cobb Judge Bernstein
Keenan Wynn Sgt. Caesar Gardella
Gene Lockhart Bill Hawthorne
Gigi Perreau Susan Hopkins
Portland Mason Janey Rath
Arthur O'Connell Gordon Walker
Henry Daniell Bill Ogden
Connie Gilchrist Mrs. Manter
Joseph Sweeney Edward M. Schultz
Sandy Descher Barbara Rath
Mickey Maga Pete Rath
Kenneth Tobey Lt. Hank Mahoney
Ruth Clifford Florence
Geraldine Wall Miriam
Alexander Campbell Walter Johnson
Jerry Hall Freddie
Jack Mather Police Sgt. Haggerty
Frank Wilcox Ralph Hopkins' Physician
Nan Martin Polly Lawrence
Tristram Coffin Byron Holgate
William ``Bill'' Phillips Antonio Bulaga
Leon Alton Cliff Otis
Darryl F. Zanuck
Nunnally Johnson

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The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit

Tom Rath is a suburban father and husband haunted by his memories of World War II, including a wartime romance with Italian village girl Maria, which resulted in an illegitimate son he's never seen. Pressed by his unhappy wife to get a higher-paying job, Rath goes to work as a public relations man for television network president Ralph Hopkins . Drawn into poisonous office politics, Tom finds he must choose his career or his family.

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