The Man From Planet X

Release Date:
Apr 7, 1951
Running Time:
Science Fiction
Edgar G. Ulmer
Robert Clarke John Lawrence
Margaret Field Enid Elliot
Raymond Bond Professor Elliot
William Schallert Dr. Mears
Roy Engel Tommy
Charles Davis Geordie
Gilbert Fallman Dr. Robert Blane
David Ormont Inspector Porter
Jack Pollexfen , Aubrey Wisberg
Aubrey Wisberg, Jack Pollexfen

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The Man From Planet X

From his observatory, Scottish professor Elliot keeps close watch on Planet X, whose orbit is coming close to Earth. During the planet's approach, an alien ambassador appears but falls prey to maniacal scientist Dr. Mears . Returning the distinct lack of hospitality, the extraterrestrial uses his otherworldly powers to turn those he encounters into mindless drones. Elliot tries to stop the creature before everyone is turned into a zombie.

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