The Major and the Minor

Release Date:
Sep 16, 1942
Running Time:
Billy Wilder
Ginger Rogers Susan Applegate
Ray Milland Major Kirby
Rita Johnson Pamela Hill
Robert Benchley Mr. Osborne
Diana Lynn Lucy Hill
Edward Fielding Col. Hill
Frankie Thomas Cadet Osborne
Raymond Roe Cadet Wigton
Charles Smith Cadet Korner
Larry Nunn Cadet Babcock
Billy Dawson Cadet Miller
Lela Rogers Mrs. Applegate
Aldrich Bowker Rev. Doyle
Boyd Irwin Maj. Griscom
Byron Shores Capt. Durand
Arthur Hornblow Jr.

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The Major and the Minor

Susan Applegate decides to leave New York City and take a train back to Iowa, but she has only enough money for a child's ticket. She disguises herself as a young girl and, after being discovered by the train conductor, hides out in the car of Major Kirby . Kirby believes she is a child and watches after her. But as Kirby's fiancée and others grow suspicious of Susan's ruse, her cleverness is thoroughly tested.

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