The Little Fugitive

Release Date:
Oct 6, 1953
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Ray Ashley, Morris Engel, Ruth Orkin
Richie Andrusco Joey
Rickie Brewster Lennie
Winifred Cushing Mother
Will Lee Photographer
Charlie Moss Harry
Tommy DeCanio Charley
Jay Williams Pony Ride Man
Morris Engel , Ray Ashley

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The Little Fugitive

Joey, a bratty 7-year-old kid from a tough Brooklyn, N.Y., neighborhood, is handed off to his older brother Lennie for the day. Fed up with his younger brother's obnoxiousness, Lennie and his pals play a cruel prank on the boy, leading him to think he has accidentally killed his brother. Running away in fear, Joey escapes to Coney Island, where he spends a full day and night exploring the excitement of the midway while his panicked brother searches for him.

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