Le Chat connaît l'assassin

Release Date:
Feb 10, 1977
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Robert Benton
Art Carney Ira Wells
Lily Tomlin Margo
Bill Macy Charlie Hatter
Eugene Roche Ron Birdwell
Joanna Cassidy Laura Birdwell
John Considine Lamar
Ruth Nelson Mrs. Schmidt
John Davey Sergeant Dayton
Howard Duff Harry Regan
Robert Altman

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Le Chat connaît l'assassin

Private detective Ira Wells isn't getting any younger. He's also barely staying in business. So when Ira's former partner, Harry, is killed, Ira vows to not only take on Harry's last job, but also find his friend's murderer. While trying to crack Harry's case, Ira is introduced to Margo, an eccentric pot-selling agent who wants to hire him to find her cat. Desperate for the work, Ira takes on the pet search and winds up with an unexpected new partner in Margo.

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