The Last Wagon

Release Date:
Sep 21, 1956
Running Time:
Delmer Daves
Richard Widmark Comanche Todd
Felicia Farr Jenny
Susan Kohner Jolie Normand
Tommy Rettig Billy
Stephanie Griffin Valinda Normand
Ray Stricklyn Clint
Nick Adams Ridge
Carl Benton Reid Gen. Howard
Douglas Kennedy Col. Normand
George Mathews Sheriff Bull Harper
James Drury Lt. Kelly
Ken Clark Sergeant
Timothy Carey Cole Harper (uncredited)
George Ross Sarge (uncredited)
Juney Ellis Mrs. Clinton (uncredited)
Abel Fernandez Apache Medicine Man (uncredited)
William B. Hawks
James Edward Grant, Delmer Daves, Gwen Bagni

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The Last Wagon

Comanche Todd, a white man living with an Indian tribe, is captured by Sheriff Bull Harper following the murder of the sheriff's three brothers. Heading back to town, the wagon train in which the vicious sheriff and his abused prisoner are traveling is attacked by a vengeful Apache tribe whose women and children have been killed by a band of white men. After the slaughter, Todd must bring the survivors, including the beautiful Jenny, to safety.

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