The Last Voyage

Release Date:
Feb 19, 1960
Running Time:
Andrew L. Stone
Robert Stack Cliff Henderson
Dorothy Malone Laurie Henderson
George Sanders Captain Robert Adams
Edmond O'Brien Second Engineer Walsh
Woody Strode Hank Lawson
Jack Kruschen Chief Engineer Pringle
Tammy Marihugh Jill Henderson
Marshall Kent Quartermaster

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The Last Voyage

Cliff and Laurie Henderson are vacationing on an cruise ship with their young daughter when disaster strikes in the form of a massive breach in the boat's hull. The delusional Capt. Robert Adams, however, is convinced the boat isn't going down and so stops any attempts at evacuation. Worse yet, Laurie becomes stuck in the crumbling liner's debris, and Cliff must find a way to rescue her before the ocean consumes the boat.

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