The Last Hurrah

Release Date:
Oct 24, 1958
Running Time:
John Ford
Spencer Tracy Mayor Frank Skeffington
Jeffrey Hunter Adam Caulfield, Journalist and Skeffington's Nephew
James Gleason 'Cuke' Gillen, Skeffington Crony
Dianne Foster Mave Caulfield
Pat O'Brien John Gorman, Skeffington Crony
Basil Rathbone Norman Cass, Sr., Banker
Donald Crisp His Eminence Cardinal Martin Burke
Edward Brophy 'Ditto' Boland, Skeffington Crony
John Carradine Amos Force, Newspaper Publisher/Managing Editor
Willis Bouchey Roger 'Sir Roger' Sugrue
Basil Ruysdael Bishop Gardner
Ricardo Cortez Sam Weinberg
Wallace Ford Charles J. Hennessey (mayoral candidate)
Frank McHugh Festus Garvey
Anna Lee Gert Minihan
Jane Darwell Delia Boylan
Frank Albertson Jack Mangan
Charles B. Fitzsimons Kevin McCluskey (uncredited)
Carleton Young Winslow
Bob Sweeney Johnny Degnan
Edmund Lowe Johnny Byrne (uncredited)
William Leslie Dan Herlihy
Ken Curtis Monsignor Killian
O.Z. Whitehead Norman Cass Jr.
Arthur Walsh Frank Skeffington Jr.
Helen Westcott Mrs. McCluskey (uncredited)
Ruth Warren Ellen Davin (uncredited)
John Ford
Frank S. Nugent

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The Last Hurrah

Based on the novel by Edwin O'Connor, this political drama focuses on Frank Skeffington, an aging mayor who is embarking on his final campaign for reelection. Aided by his nephew, Adam Caulfield, and savvy strategist John Gorman, Skeffington faces considerable challenges as the political landscape that he knows slowly crumbles away, but, undaunted, he remains determined to stay in the game a bit longer.

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