The Last Detail

Release Date:
Dec 12, 1973
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Hal Ashby
Jack Nicholson Billy ``Bad Ass'' Buddusky
Otis Young ``Mule'' Mulhall
Randy Quaid Larry Meadows
Clifton James M.A.A.
Michael Moriarty Marine O.D.
Carol Kane Young Whore
Luana Anders Donna
Kathleen Miller Annette
Nancy Allen Nancy
Gerry Salsberg Henry
Don McGovern Bartender
Pat Hamilton Madame
Jim Henshaw Sweek
Gilda Radner Nichiren Shoshu Member
Derek McGrath Nichiren Shoshu Member
Jim Horn Nichiren Shoshu Member
John Castellano Nichiren Shoshu Member
Gerald Ayres , Joel Chernoff
Robert Towne

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The Last Detail

When sailor Larry Meadows is sentenced to eight years in a New Hampshire prison, Navy lifers Billy Buddusky and Mule Mulhall are assigned to escort him there from Virginia. Along the way, they warm up to their prisoner, indulging him in small ways such as making excursions to a brothel, and to his mother's house. As they get closer to their destination, their fondness for Larry makes it harder for them to execute their orders.

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