The Last Angry Man

Esclavo del deber
Release Date:
Oct 22, 1959
Running Time:
Daniel Mann
Paul Muni Dr. Sam Abelman
David Wayne Woodrow Wilson Thrasher
Betsy Palmer Anna Thrasher
Luther Adler Dr. Max Vogel
Joby Baker Myron Malkin
Joanna Moore Alice Taggart
Nancy R. Pollock Sarah Abelman
Billy Dee Williams Josh Quincy
Claudia McNeil Mrs. Quincy
Godfrey Cambridge Nobody Home

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The Last Angry Man

Dr. Sam Abelman is a Jewish doctor contentedly spending his autumn years serving his own Brooklyn neighborhood. But when his nephew, would-be journalist Myron, writes an article about him, it draws the attention of a producer, Woodrow Thrasher, who believes Abelman a good candidate for a TV show. The doctor, however, is suspicious of the whole enterprise, thinking both Myron and Thrasher are simply out to make a fast buck.

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