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The Lady and the Duke

Release Date:
May 10, 2002
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Historical Drama
Eric Rohmer
Lucy Russell Grace Elliott
Jean-Claude Dreyfus Le duc d'Orléans
François Marthouret Dumouriez
Leonard Cobiant Champcenetz
Caroline Morin Nanon
Alain Libolt Duc de Biron
Daniel Tarrare Justin the Doorman
Charlotte Véry Pulcherie the Cook
Rosette Fanchette
Marie Rivière Madame Laurent
Françoise Etchegaray , François Ivernel , Romain Le Grand , Léonard Glowinski
Eric Rohmer
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The Lady and the Duke

The tale of a beautiful, royalist English gentlewoman living perilously in France during the Revolution, and her sometimes affectionate, sometimes tempestuous relationship with Philippe, Duke of Orleans, a cousin of King Louis XVI but nonetheless a supporter of revolutionary ideas. The Lady manages to persuade the Duke to rescue an outlaw, but fails to keep him from voting for the King's execution.

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