El Talento y cómo conseguirlo

Release Date:
Jun 29, 1965
Running Time:
Richard Lester
Rita Tushingham Nancy Jones
Ray Brooks Tolen
Michael Crawford Colin
Donal Donnelly Tom
William Dexter Dress Shop Owner
Charles Dyer Man in Photo Booth
Margot Thomas Female Teacher
John Bluthal Angry Father
Wensley Pithey Teacher
Helen Lennox Girl in Photo Booth
Peter Copley Picture Owner
Dandy Nichols Tom's Landlady
Timothy Bateson Junkyard Owner
George Chisholm Left Luggage Porter
Oscar Lewenstein

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El Talento y cómo conseguirlo

Desperate to improve his luck with women, London schoolteacher Colin enlists his artist roommate, Tom, to help drag a brass bed back to their flat. Along the way they meet Nancy, a new girl in town, who follows them home. There they encounter Tolen, the third roommate and a consummate lady-killer. He tries to help Colin seduce Nancy, but ends up whisking her away on his motorcycle instead, and Colin is determined to get her back.

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