The King of Kings

Release Date:
Apr 19, 1927
Running Time:
Cecil B. DeMille
H.B. Warner Jesus, the Christ
Jacqueline Logan Mary Magdalene
Ernest Torrence Peter
Joseph Schildkraut Judas Iscariot
Victor Varconi Pontius Pilate
Robert Edeson Matthew, the publican
William Boyd Simon of Cyrene
Dorothy Cumming Mary, the mother
Montagu Love Roman Centurion
John T. Prince Thaddeus
Kenneth Thomson Lazarus
David Imboden Andrew
Cecil B. DeMille

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The King of Kings

After driving the sin out of Mary Magdalene and raising Lazarus from the dead, Jesus enters into Jerusalem, where Judas conspires to have him turned over to the authorities. After the Last Supper, Jesus goes to Gethsemane, where he is taken prisoner, and thereafter tried under Pontius Pilate and crucified. He is buried and, as foretold in scripture, resurrected three days later.

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