The King and Four Queens

Release Date:
Dec 21, 1956
Running Time:
Raoul Walsh
Clark Gable Dan Kehoe
Eleanor Parker Sabina McDade
Jo Van Fleet Ma McDade
Jean Willes Ruby McDade
Barbara Nichols Birdie McDade
Sara Shane Oralie McDade
Jay C. Flippen Bartender
Arthur Shields Padre
Roy Roberts Sheriff Tom Larrabee
David Hempstead , Robert Waterfield
Richard Alan Simmons, Margaret Fitts

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The King and Four Queens

The four McDade brothers stage a successful heist -- except that three of them are killed. When their wives and mother learn that only one of the young men survived with the loot, they are eager to find out which one. Slick traveler Dan Kehoe catches wind of this strange situation and decides to charm the women in hopes of eventually enjoying the spoils. Before long, however, the lonely females begin competing for Dan, disintegrating into a cut-throat battle royal for his heart.

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