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The Killer Shrews

Attack of the Killer Shrews
Release Date:
Jun 25, 1965
Running Time:
Science Fiction
Ray Kellogg
James Best Thorne Sherman
Ingrid Goude Ann Craigis
Baruch Lumet Dr. Marlowe Craigis
Ken Curtis Jerry Farrell
Gordon McLendon Dr. Radford Baines
Alfredo DeSoto Mario
Ken Curtis

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The Killer Shrews

Capt. Thorne Sherman lands his ship on an isolated island to make a delivery, only to find that mad doctor Marlowe Craigis is experimenting on shrews there in an attempt to shrink them. The opposite happens, and the shrews become enormous and hungry for human flesh, leaving everyone on the island in peril, including the doctor's pretty daughter, Ann, and her unappealing fiancé, Jerry . Thorne then tries to organize an escape plan.

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