The Kid From Spain

Release Date:
Nov 17, 1932
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
Leo McCarey
Eddie Cantor Eddie Williams
Lyda Roberti Rosalie
Robert Young Ricardo
Ruth Hall Anita Gomez
John Miljan Pancho
Noah Beery Alonzo Gomez
J. Carrol Naish Pedro
Robert Emmett O'Connor Detective Crawford
Stanley Fields Jose
Samuel Goldwyn
William Anthony McGuire, Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby

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The Kid From Spain

After sneaking into the girls' dorm, college roommates Eddie and Ricardo are expelled. Owing to mistaken identity, Eddie is then whisked away to Mexico by a group of bank robbers, and reconnects with Ricardo at the border. To get him off the hook with a meddlesome detective, Ricardo claims that Eddie is a famous Spanish matador, Don Sebastian -- but the detective won't believe it until he sees Eddie in the ring.

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