The Joy Luck Club

Release Date:
Sep 8, 1993
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Wayne Wang
Rosalind Chao Rose Hsu Jordan
Tamlyn Tomita Waverly Jong
France Nuyen Ying-Ying St. Clair
Vivian Wu An Mei's Mother
Andrew McCarthy Ted Jordan
Kieu Chinh Suyuan Woo
Tsai Chin Lindo Jong
Lisa Lu An-Mei Hsu
Ming-Na Wen Jing-Mei 'June' Woo
Lauren Tom Lena St. Clair
Chao Li Chi Canning Woo
Melanie Chang June (Age 9)
Victor Wong Old Chong the Piano Teacher
Lisa Connolly Singing Girl
Vu Mai Waverly (Age 6-9)
Ying Wu Lindo (Age 4)
Mei Juan Xi Lindo's Mother
Guo-Rong Chen Huang Tai Tai
Irene Ng Lindo (age 15)
Ronald Bass , Patrick Markey , Amy Tan , Oliver Stone , Janet Yang
Amy Tan, Ronald Bass

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The Joy Luck Club

In San Francisco, a group of aging Chinese women meet regularly to trade familial stories while playing Mahjong. In a series of sixteen vignettes that spans generations and continents, this adaptation of Amy Tan's bestselling novel explores cultural conflict and the often-turbulent relationships between four first-generation Chinese-American women and their mothers.

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