The Jazz Singer

Release Date:
Oct 6, 1927
Running Time:
Alan Crosland
Al Jolson
May McAvoy
Warner Oland
Eugenie Besserer
Otto Lederer
William Demarest
Roscoe Karns
Richard Tucker
Nat Carr
Will Walling
Bobby Gordon Jakie Rabinowitz - Age 13

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The Jazz Singer

Young Jakie Rabinowitz loves jazz and ragtime, and wants to be a performer. But his father is a cantor, and he orders his son to carry on the family tradition. Jakie tries his hand anyway, only to be discovered by neighbor Moisha Yudelson and kicked out of the house. A decade later, an older Jakie has followed his dream, changed his name and found love with performer Mary, but he still wants to win his father over.

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