The Jazz Singer

Release Date:
Feb 14, 1953
Running Time:
Michael Curtiz
Danny Thomas Jerry Golding
Peggy Lee Judy Lane
Mildred Dunnock Mrs. Ruth Golding
Eduard Franz Cantor David Golding
Tom Tully Dan McGurney
Alex Gerry Uncle Louie
Allyn Joslyn George Miller
Harold Gordon Rabbi Roth
Hal Ross Joseph
Justin Smith Phil Stevens
Anitra Stevens Yvonne
Louis F. Edelman

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The Jazz Singer

Jerry Golding is a Jewish-American singer who has dreams of starring in musical theater, which upsets his traditional parents. His religiously conservative father, David, wants Jerry to follow in his footsteps as a cantor in their synagogue when he retires. When Jerry decides to enter show business after all, despite his father's wishes, David disowns him. Then his father becomes ill, and Jerry must weigh the importance of family versus success.

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