The Invasion

Release Date:
Aug 17, 2007
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Science Fiction,Thriller
Oliver Hirschbiegel
Nicole Kidman Carol Bennell
Daniel Craig Ben Driscoll
Jeremy Northam Tucker Kaufman
Jeffrey Wright Dr. Stephen Galeano
Veronica Cartwright Wendy Lenk
Josef Sommer Dr. Henryk Belicec
Celia Weston Ludmilla Belicec
Roger Rees Yorish
Eric Benjamin Gene
Susan Floyd Pam
Stephanie Berry Carly
Alexis Raben Belicec's Aide
Adam LeFevre Richard Lenk
Joanna Merlin Joan Kaufman
Jeff Wincott Transit Cop
Ava Lenet Mrs. Cunningham
Joel Silver , Bruce Berman , Doug Davison , Roy Lee , Steve Richards , Susan Downey
Dave Kajganich
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The Invasion

Washington, D.C. psychologist Carol Bennell and her colleague Dr. Ben Driscoll are the only two people on Earth who are aware of an epidemic running rampant through the city. They discover an alien virus aboard a crashed space shuttle that transforms anyone who comes into contact with it into unfeeling drones while they sleep. Carol realizes her son holds the key to stopping the spread of the plague and she races to find him before it is too late.

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