The Incredible Shrinking Man

Release Date:
Feb 22, 1957
Running Time:
Science Fiction
Jack Arnold
Grant Williams Scott Carey
Randy Stuart Louise Carey
April Kent Clarice
Paul Langton Charlie Carey
William Schallert Doctor Arthur Bramson
Billy Curtis Midget
Diana Darrin Nurse
Helene Marshall Nurse

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The Incredible Shrinking Man

While on a boating trip, Scott Carey is exposed to a radioactive cloud. Nothing seems amiss at first, but several months later Scott realizes that he's shrunk in height by several inches. He sees a doctor, who admits that he's baffled. As Scott continues to shrink, decreasing to three feet tall, he becomes bitter, and lashes out at his wife, Louise . He begins to fear a cure will never be found -- since even as he becomes a national sensation, he's still shrinking.

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