The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games: The IMAX Experience
Release Date:
Mar 23, 2012
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Action,Adventure,Science Fiction
Gary Ross
Jennifer Lawrence Katniss Everdeen
Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mellark
Liam Hemsworth Gale Hawthorne
Woody Harrelson Haymitch Abernathy
Elizabeth Banks Effie Trinket
Lenny Kravitz Cinna
Stanley Tucci Caesar Flickerman
Donald Sutherland President Snow
Wes Bentley Seneca Crane
Toby Jones Claudius Templesmith
Alexander Ludwig Cato
Isabelle Fuhrman Clove
Amandla Stenberg Rue
Latarsha Rose Portia
Paula Malcomson Mother
Willow Shields Primrose
Bruce Bundy Octavia
Kimiko Gelman Venia
Nelson Ascencio Flavius
Leven Rambin Glimmer
Jack Quaid Marvel
Jacqueline Emerson Foxface
Dayo Okeniyi Thresh
Amber Chaney Avox Girl
Nina Jacobson , Jon Kilik , Robin Bissell , Suzanne Collins , Louise Rosner
Gary Ross, Suzanne Collins, Billy Ray
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The Hunger Games

In what was once North America, the Capitol of Panem maintains its hold on its 12 districts by forcing them each to select a boy and a girl, called Tributes, to compete in a nationally televised event called the Hunger Games. Every citizen must watch as the youths fight to the death until only one remains. District 12 Tribute Katniss Everdeen has little to rely on, other than her hunting skills and sharp instincts, in an arena where she must weigh survival against love.

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