A Casa das Sete Torres

Release Date:
Apr 12, 1940
Running Time:
Joe May
George Sanders Jaffrey Pyncheon
Margaret Lindsay Hepzibah Pyncheon
Vincent Price Clifford Pyncheon
Dick Foran Matthew Maule
Nan Grey Phoebe Pyncheon
Cecil Kellaway Philip Barton
Alan Napier Fuller
Gilbert Emery Gerald Pyncheon
Miles Mander Deacon Arnold Foster
Charles Trowbridge Judge
Harry Woods Mr. Wainwright
Hugh Sothern Reverend Jeremiah Smith
Edgar Norton Phineas Weed
Mira McKinney Mrs. Reynolds
Burt Kelly
Lester Cole

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A Casa das Sete Torres

Clifford Pyncheon's father, Gerald, decides that in his dying days, the family's mansion must be sold to clear their debts. Gerald also believes it will remove the family of a curse -- a result of their many misdeeds over the years that allowed their once-prominent lifestyle. However, Gerald's other son, Jaffrey, has different ideas as to what should be done with the property, and frames Clifford for murder in an attempt to keep the mansion.

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