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Hebrew Hammer

Release Date:
Dec 19, 2003
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Jonathan Kesselman
Adam Goldberg Mordechai Jefferson Carver
Judy Greer Esther
Andy Dick Santa 'Damian'
Mario Van Peebles Mohammed
Peter Coyote J.J.L. Chief
Sean Whalen Tiny Tim
Tony Cox Jamal
Nora Dunn Mrs. Carver
Richard Riehle Santa
Melvin Van Peebles Sweetback
Rachel Dratch Tikva
Harrison Chad Shlomo
Jim Petersmith Skinhead Bartender
Annie McEnroe Mrs. Highsmith
Grant Rosenmeyer Young Mordechai
Elaine Hendrix Blonde Bombshell
Josh Kesselman , Sofia Sondervan , Lisa Fragner , Edward R. Pressman , John Schmidt
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Hebrew Hammer

As a child, Mordechai Carver was teased mercilessly for his Jewish heritage by his gentile Christmas-celebrating classmates and neighbors. That has all changed: Mordechai is now a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces who fancies himself the Hebrew Hammer, defending his people against those who seek to do harm. His main antagonist is would-be Hanukkah saboteur Damian Claus -- the evil offspring of Santa Claus himself.

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