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The Happiest Place on Earth

Release Date:
Apr 28, 1999
Running Time:
Comedy Drama
Marcel Bluwal
Claude Brasseur Delabit
Marianne Denicourt Lucie
Jean-Claude Adelin Lambert
Jacques Bonnaffé Couperin
Didier Bezace Vignault
Thierry Lhermitte Le colonel Valogne
Daniele Lebrun Ginette Maurey
Jean-Pierre Cassel Blondel
François Berléand Brafort
Laurent Malet Le commissaire de quartier
Maurice Barrier Charrier
Marcel Marechal Roland, commissaire aux affaires juives
Roger Souza Denis
Marc Fayet Jaunet
Jean-Claude Roussillon Le directeur du théâtre
Samuel Labarthe Rüdiger
Élisabeth Commelin Mme Couperin
Rudiger Vogler Herman
Alain Doutey Martin
Laurent Gerra Moineau
Jacques Boudet Clothaire
Jean Nainchrik
Marcel Bluwal, Jean-Claude Grumberg

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The Happiest Place on Earth

In occupied France during World War II, the lead actor in a film financed by the German government disappears.

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