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L'Insigne de la honte

Glass Shield
Release Date:
Jun 2, 1994
MPAA Rating:
Running Time:
Crime Drama
Charles Burnett
Michael Boatman Johnny `'J.J.'` Johnson
Lori Petty Dep. Deborah Fields
Ice Cube Teddy Woods
Michael Ironside Baker
Richard Anderson Massey
Bernie Casey Locket
Elliott Gould Greenspan
M. Emmet Walsh Hal
Don Harvey Deputy Jack Bono
Sy Richardson Mr. Taylor
Natalia Nogulich Judge Helen Lewis
Chet Walker , Carolyn Schroeder , Thomas S. Byrnes
Charles Burnett, Ned Eddie Johnson, Ned Welsh

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L'Insigne de la honte

Rookie cop J.J. is the first black officer in his squad. Befriending fellow outsider Deborah, J.J. has a tough time adjusting to the force's good-old-boy camaraderie. Initially turning a blind eye to hints of racism in order to fit in, J.J. find it harder to ignore the corruption when an illegal search leads to the arrest of Teddy Woods on questionable murder charges. As J.J. delves deeper into the case, he risks losing his job -- or his life.

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