Une star pas comme les autres

Release Date:
Jun 16, 1999
Running Time:
Christine Fugate
Stacy Valentine Herself
Jack Gallagher Himself
Russell Hampshire Himself/President, VCA Pictures
Veronica Hart Herself (as Jane Hamilton)
Brandon Iron Himself
Julian Himself
Fred J. Lincoln Himself
Alec Metro Himself
J.J. Michaels Himself
Sharon Mitchell Herself
Stephanie Swift Herself (archive footage)
Cindy Terry Herself/Stacy's Best Friend
Adam Berns , Michael Berns , Christine Fugate , Chris Kobin , Eren McGinnis , Craig Steel
Mel Frohman, Russ Firestone

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Une star pas comme les autres

Christine Fugate's look into the porn career of Stacy Valentine begins during the marriage that led her to the industry. When Stacy wins a Hustler magazine contest that her husband urged her to enter, she's thrust into a world of opportunities. She leaves her husband and moves to Los Angeles, where she pursues acting in hardcore porn films. Candid footage from Valentine's life explores her multiple plastic surgeries, her tumultuous relationship with a fellow actor and her personal issues.

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