The Girl Can't Help It

Release Date:
Dec 1, 1956
Running Time:
Musical Comedy
Frank Tashlin
Tom Ewell Tom Miller
Jayne Mansfield Jerri Jordan
Edmond O'Brien Marty ``Fatso'' Murdock
Julie London Herself
Henry Jones Mousie
John Emery Wheeler
Juanita Moore Hilda
Barry Gordon Barry the paperboy
Frank Tashlin
Garson Kanin, Frank Tashlin, Herbert Baker

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The Girl Can't Help It

Hefty hoodlum Marty ''Fats'' Murdock employs has-been agent Tom Miller to transform his girlfriend, Jerri Jordan, into a singing star because he trusts Tom not to make a pass at her. However, the more time Tom spends with the stunning blonde, the more smitten he becomes. His troubles multiply when he realizes that Jerri can't sing a note, is not in love with Murdock and wants to settle down with a nice man like himself.

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